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Empress of India Nasturtium

$2.99 USD

Seed Count: Approx. 25 seeds

Days to Maturity: Annual

Description: Empress of India Nasturtiums is an old fashioned heirloom that boast beautiful, bright, scarlet flowers among dark, blue-green foliage.  This variety grows in a compact mounding habit, spreading about 1 ft. tall and wide.  Nasturtiums are great to have in the garden for so many reasons.  The plant is completely edible down to its seeds.  The leaves and flowers of this plant are highly nutritious and delicious.  They are normally eaten raw, and have a peppery, spicy flavor, adding a great bite to salads.  Plus, their undeveloped green seeds can be used as a caper replacement! Nasturtiums are also a beneficial companion plant, because they attract hover flies that'll destroy those pesky aphids. This compact variety of nasturtiums makes for a great border, container, or companion plant, and can be grown in all zones.

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