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Candystripe Cosmos

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Seed Count: Approx. 100 seeds

Days to Maturity: Annual

Description: Candystripe Cosmos boast irresistibly cute 3-4 inch blooms reminiscent of candy canes in an old fashioned candy shop.  Their petals are red and rose striped, on a soft blush-white background.  No two flowers will bloom alike, offering incredible visual interest to your gardenscape.  Cosmos are high yielding flowers, great for mass plantings, can grow up to 5 ft. tall, and will quite easily be some of the most productive flowers in your garden.  Bees and butterflies adore these stunning flowers, and will love you for planting them.  This easy to grow annual easily dresses up your garden and flower vases with little effort.  This drought tolerant Mexican native flower thrives in hot climates, and will bloom all the way up until your first frost.

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