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Vera Lavender

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Seed Count: Approx. 100 Seeds

Days to Maturity: Perennial

Description: This variety of lavender has an amazing fragrance, and attracts bees, and butterflies. Lavender plants grow 18 to 36" tall and produce a profusion of lilac flowers on silvery foliage.  Lavender is a great addition to a bouquet, an amazing herb for relaxing teas, and great for a soothing bath.

How To Grow

Sowing:  Refrigerate lavender seeds for a month, before planting, and plant them just below the surface, in well draining soil, keeping them at a 60-64 degrees F. Make sure to shield them from the hottest sun.  Keep the soil moist with a spray bottle to prevent over watering. Germination may take up to a month, and plants will reach a suitable size for transplanting in about 6 months; transplanting can take place either in late spring or fall. Transplant them as carefully as possible to avoid disturbing their roots.  Lavender plants prefer full sun and soil that drains well.  They even do well in rocky or sandy soil. Plant them 24-36" apart in rows 30-36" apart to allow them enough space to grow. 

Growing:  The proper amount of moisture is crucial to young plants. It is important not to give them too much water or it can be deadly.  Until they are established, they need soil that is fairly moist. Mature plants can tolerate drought conditions, but must not become dehydrated. Mulching the plants with gravel or small shells can be helpful to absorb heat and control weeds.  In the plant's first year of growth, pruning the flowers that appear will help it to grow healthy roots and bushy foliage. Mature plants also benefit from yearly, careful pruning.  Vera lavender can also be grown in containers, and it makes a beautiful hedge that attracts birds, bees, and butterflies, while repelling deer and rabbits.

Harvesting:  The best time to harvest lavender is in the morning after the dew has dried. For drying, harvest stalks with just a few open buds because at this stage the fragrant oils have reached their peak. For fresh use, harvest stalks with more open buds. Dry bundles of lavender upside down in a cool, dark place for a week or more. To save the buds, strip them from the stalk.  To save seeds remove the stalks individually as they begin to dry and the seeds mature.  Spread them o ut to finish drying away from direct sunlight, and thresh them to remove the seed. Store the seeds in a cool, dry place.