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Seed Count: Approx. 40 seeds

Days to Maturity: Perennial

Description: Rosemary is a very fragrant, culinary, evergreen perennial in the mint family that's originally native to the Mediterranean.  It is sweet, citrusy, and pine like both in taste and smell.  Rosemary has not only been making things like meat and veggies taste amazing for centuries, but it's also a great source of Vitamin B-6, Calcium, and Iron.  Not only is this herb nutritious and delicious, but it's known for having medicinal properties as well.   Rosemary can help improve your memory, and digestion, boost your immune and circulatory system, alleviate muscle pain and skin irritation, and can even help promote hair growth.  The plant grows upright, with ashy green leaves that are needle-like, with woody stems.  Plus, it produces cute pink or blue flowers in the summer that bees just adore.  Once established, you can keep this plant for years, with proper trimming and care.  Rosemary does great in dry areas, and is perfect for growing in containers and small spaces too.  Seeds can take 3-4 weeks to germinate and definitely requires some patience, but fresh rosemary is always well worth the wait.  While these plants prefer to grow in partial sun, they can grow in full sun as well.

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