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Showy Pink Evening Primrose (Lil Pinkies)

$2.99 USD

Seed Count: Approx. 300 seeds

Days to Maturity: Perennial

Description: Showy Pink Evening Primroses are an absolute show stopper.  Its soft pink, buttercup flowers just glow in that Texas sun, and I instantly became obsessed with its regal looks. I first saw these all over Houston, in random patches, and I just adored them.  Then one day, I saw these beauts just blooming wildly in my mother-in-laws back yard.  You could only imagine my excitement seeing the flower that I have been admiring everywhere, just pop up randomly in my surroundings.  I had zero clue what they were, so I just called them lil pinkies when I posted them on my Instagram.  My diligent Instagrammers soon ID'd it for me though, but I still call them my lil pinkies.  It is a super easy to grow wildflower, and naturally I had to include it in my inventory.  However, be careful when growing these as they can be very aggressive and invasive, and may be better suited for a container, and dead headed often, before its seeds form, if you don't wish for them to spread everywhere.

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