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Longstanding Cilantro

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Seed Count: Approx. 100 seeds

Days to Maturity: 55 Days (Annual)

Description: A high yielding, bolt-resistant cilantro. This herb is a popular flavoring in many types of cuisine throughout the world! Leaf harvest of 7 to 8" plants 55 days after sowing. Great for hot climates, and the seeds are a tasty staple too!

Mint2Grow Tip: I love using cilantro to make salsas, guacs, and tacos!  The seeds are a staple in my Indian cuisine as well.  Bees love their flowers, and make for a great pollinator in the garden.  

How To Grow

Sowing:  Cilantro thrives in rich, well drained soil and full sun. Cilantro will tolerate some shade. Gardeners in warm climates may have the best success with cilantro by planting it at any time from September through February, since it prefers cool weather. It can also be planted as soon as possible in the spring, or after the heat of summer, as a fall crop.  Direct sow the seeds 1/2" deep in rows 18-20" apart; thin the seedlings to 12" apart as soon as they develop leaves.

Growing:  Keep the plants well watered, and control weeds. Cilantro can survive even hard frosts, but several days of temperatures above 75 degrees F can cause it to flower immediately.  Applying a layer of mulch may help keep the roots cool and delay bolting. 

Harvesting:  Harvest the leaves of the plant as needed. The seeds can easily be gathered as soon as they ripen to a straw color.  Once the plant starts to bolt and develops secondary, feather-like leaves, they can no longer be eaten due to extreme bitterness.  The seeds can easily be gathered for coriander or for seed saving, as soon as they ripen to a straw color; remove the seed heads and let them dry completely, then thresh to remove the seeds. Store in an air-tight container.