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Early Golden Bantam Corn Shoots

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Size: 1 oz Mylar ziplock bag (Approx. 150 seeds)

Days to Maturity: Up to 7-10 Days for shoots; 80 days full grown

Description:  Early Golden Bantam Sweet Corn shoots are literally so sweet that the taste can't be described; it really just has to be experienced for yourself.  These delicious shoots are long and come in a bright yellow, adding not only a wonderful color contrast to green and red micros, but a delicious taste contrast as well.  Sweet corn is grown as shoots, instead of microgreens, because they are pretty much harvested as soon as they sprout, which is around 7 days.  Once they get too big, the leaves become fibrous.  It is also important to grow them in complete darkness, which is a different method from other microgreen varieties (I describe that in more detail below), or the yellow shoots will turn green and become tough and inedible.  Sweet corn shoots are nice and nutritious, containing Vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as calcium, magnesium, and chlorophyll.

Microgreens are super fast, easy to grow, high yielding, and can even be grown in the smallest apartments.  They are totally worth growing, since microgreens tend to be quite costly to buy at the store.  Our microgreen seeds come in resealable 1 oz Mylar ziplock bags.  These same seeds can also be used to grow plants to their mature size.  See here for further information.

How To Grow Your Own Microgreens

Fast Facts:  Microgreens are the young seedlings of edible vegetables, like cabbages, lettuces, radishes, peas, etc. that are harvested while the plants are still very young and immature. They are usually harvested when they reach about 1-3 inches tall, and can come in a variety of colors, making them a popular edible garnish for gourmet chefs. However, microgreens are more than just a cute garnish. They are packed with healthy nutrients, and make for a great addition to your salads, or make great healthy lettuce replacements on your sandwiches and burgers. The tiny greens mimic the taste of their mature plants, so radish greens will taste like a mature radish, and cabbage microgreens will taste like cabbage, etc. You’ll love these tender treats, especially if you are tight on space, but would really like to grow some of your own produce.

Sowing:  Fill your microgreen trays with your choice of pre-moistened soil or soiless medium, although corn tends to prefer soil.  I like to use 5x5 trays, but you can use any size or depth tray.  Just remember that the deeper the tray, the less you'll have to water your microgreens.  A seed starting soil mix is best, but any potting soil will work great.  Adding something like worm castings to the medium, adds nitrogen, and allows for healthy, rapid green growth, although it is not required.  Make sure to leave a little space at the top, so you can add a little more dirt afterwards, to cover your seeds.  Sprinkle your corn seeds liberally, and evenly, onto the surface of the trays. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle seeds pretty densely, since, these will not reach full maturity. Cover with a light layer of soil, about 1/4-1/2 inches of soil will do.  Once done, you can spritz the soil a little more and cover your tray with another tray the same size and keep them in the dark for their entire grow period.

Growing:   Once your sprouts have popped up, your corn shoots are pretty much ready to harvest, which is about 7-10 days.  If you wait too long, they start to get fibrous and inedible.  Make sure to keep them in the dark, or your lovely yellow shoots will turn green, and their flavor will change.  For a video tutorial go to @mint2Grow or @SeedMailSeedCo on Instagram and check out the Microgreen highlight.

Harvesting:  Once your corn shoots sprout, about 7-10 days later, they are ready to harvest.  To harvest, just snip your greens close to their base, wash, and enjoy!