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Chinese Forget Me Not

$2.99 USD

Seed Count: Approx. 60 seeds

Days to Maturity: Annual

Description: Chinese Forget Me Nots, also known as Chinese Hound's Tongue, produces the cutest, dainty indigo-blue flowers like ever.  They grow on tall, sturdy, 18 inch stems, that are perfect for adding a lil oomph to your flower arrangements.  The flowers bloom on erect plants that contrast well against its dark green leaves.  Chinese Forget Me Nots are not true Forget Me Nots, but their slightly bigger flowers, and fast blooming plants are just as lovely.  These adorable flowers are heavy bloomers, super easy and fast growing, (even I can grow them).  They do well in partial, and full sun conditions, and can grow in large range of zones.  Go ahead and add these adorable cuties to your garden; the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds will thank you.

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