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Broadleaf Batavian Endive (Escarole)

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Seed Count: Approx. 120 seeds

Days to Maturity: 80 Days

Description: Broadleaf Batavian Endive, also known as escarole, resembles a lettuce head with its broad, bright green, curling leaves.  This variety produces 10-16 inch, tightly packed, well branched heads with creamy hearts.  While all endives have a bitter taste, Broadleaf Batavian Endive is less bitter than other varieties.  You can add its tasty young leaves to your summer salads to shake things up.  Endive can also be sauteed, or chopped up and added to soups and stews, like you would other greens.  Make sure you avoid planting this green during a hot season, in order to enjoy the most tender and flavorful leaves; if grown in heat, its leaves will get extremely bitter.

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