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Takinogawa Burdock

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Seed Count: Approx. 25 seeds

Days to Maturity: 95 days

Description:  Takinogawa Burdock is a late, standard Japanese variety that produces thin, 1-4 ft. long roots, depending on when you decide to harvest them.  The skin is nice and thin, with a crisp, inner flesh. The flavor is rich, bittersweet, mild, and earthy.  It can be cooked like you would carrots. The texture is similar to parsnips, and when cooked quickly, they will remain delicious and crisp.  You can use small, peeled roots in salads, and mature roots are great used in salads, and soups. You can even ferment them, use them for tea, make a yummy Korean side dish called Ueong Jorim, or make a Japanese dish called Kimpira.  Takinogawa Burdock plants can reach up to 3 ft. in height, and are fairly easy to grow.  You can start harvesting young roots 4-5 months after planting, if planted in the Spring.  Burdock prefers deep, sandy soils, and can also be overwintered and harvested in the Spring, as well.

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